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Whilst there are currently two airlines operating to Anambas, it's important to keep in mind that fast-evolving regions like Anambas tend to be subject to rapid changes, not only in terms of flight frequency, ticket price, departure and arrival times, but also actual routes flown and even industry players involved.

In view of this, when booking tickets online, we recommend staying up to date to the itinerary received, as well as all other details pertaining to the flight.

Cleared for take-off
Cleared for take-off

For now, as of early 2022, Wings air and Xpress Air fly to Anambas, from Batam and Bintan, respectively. Wings Air's destination is the island of Jemajah, whereas Xpress Air lands in Pulau Matak, near the other Anambas main island, Siantan.

In both cases, upon arrival, passengers need to catch a taxi to get from the airport to the respective island's main kampung, or village. This is Letung in the case of Jemaja and Tarempa after having taken the Xpress Air flight. Typically, taxis are available at the airport exit, so no problems here.

Incidentally, cost of both taxi trips is about 50,000 Rupiah per person. The duration is about 30 minutes in both cases also.

Flying over the beautiful Anambas isles
Flying over the beautiful Anambas isles

Now, keep in mind that after the Matak taxi ride, passengers still need to take a water taxi in order to get to Tarempa, since the Matak road taxi can only go as far as the ferry terminal in Matak. However, again, there are always water taxis available, so transfers are usually seamless.

For your information, these water taxis are modestly-sized cabin speedboats that seat about 10+ passengers. The duration of the Matak to Tarempa speedboat trip is about 30 minutes as well. And the rate is usually 50,000 Rupiah per passenger also.

By the way, water taxis are the lifeline in Anambas, as they shuttle villagers to and fro the scattered islands throughout the day. They also come in very handy for island-hopping excursions, snorkeling trips, in effect, any time tourists want to go on any kind of island recreation outing.

Flight tickets

The Anambas airport is in Letung and you can fly to Letung from Batam, located just off Singapore, or from Jakarta. This flight operates Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. (If you're departing from Jakarta, just replace Batam.) Ticket cost should be around 1,500,000 Indonesian Rupiah for a one-way ticket or 3,000,000 Rupiah for a roundtrip, although it can be higher during the peak season months of .

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