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If you're keen to visit Anambas, spend your holiday here, but you're a bit worried the weather might not be according to wish, then worry no more.

Anambas is bathed in glorious sunshine as good as year-round. We're a tropical island archipelago and our average temperatures bear this out. It rarely drops below a still-comfy 25 degrees, perfect for beach and water activities.

Friendly skies over Anambas
Friendly skies over Anambas

The only months Anambas isn't quite as sunny or balmy is during the northeast monsoon, which starts December and ends January/February. The temperature can drop to the 20-25 range, a bit chilly for snorkeling and the like.

Arguably, the monsoon months are not the best time to visit because it tends to be quite windy too, which causes high seas. This, in turn, results in a reduction in water visibility, which just happens to be one of the main draws of Anambas: our gin-clear seas and ubiquitous coral gardens. Ideal for superb snorkeling and scubadiving.

Fortunately, the rest of the year, it's mostly fair weather galore, apart from an occasional afternoon squall blowing through. These though, are quite refreshing and usually disperse within an hour or so, leaving the sky crisp and clear for the rest of the day.

Regular breezy periods, with winds of 5 Beaufort
Regular breezy periods, with winds of 5 Beaufort
(Windsurfer lapping it up off Pulau Renggek)

Incidentally, sea water temperature here is a comfortable 27 degrees, so wetsuits are not required if you're thinking of diving here. We do recommend a top of some sort whilst snorkeling, however, because our days are quite sunny. And best be generous with sun lotion while we're on the subject.

Keep in mind also that whilst at sea or on the islands, even on days that don't appear bright with sunshine, you still get tanned, and beyond if you're not aware. So let's try to prevent sunburn at all times by wearing a cap or a hat as well.

Kiteboarders enjoy the good winds in Anambas too
Kiteboarders enjoy good winds in Anambas too

So, as you can see, you can leave your jumper and woollen socks at home for your Anambas holiday.

We hope you have a lovely time.

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