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If you and your significant other have got a special celebration coming up, a birthday or an anniversary, and you want to surprise him or her with the trip of a lifetime, then check out Tioman island.

Catch the rainbow in Tioman
Catch the rainbow in Tioman

Tioman is an absolute jewel of an island, surrounded by a calm and turquoise-hued sea that's so clear that it resembles liquid glass. Better yet are the myriad Robinson-Crusoe beaches.

Tranquil, deserted, fringed by sandy world-class beaches and peppered by waving coconut trees. You'll be forgiven to believe that you've landed on a set of the reality show "Survival".

Kudo's by CNN and TIME Magazine

It's for good reason, that Tioman has been lauded by both CNN and Time Magazine - it truly is a stunning little get-away spot that will have you and your loved one day-dreaming long after you've returned home. And contemplating another visit without a doubt.

Kelong cottages blissfully ensconced
Kelong cottages blissfully ensconced

Consider booking a cottage at Tunamaya Resort and Spa if you want to completely blow your partner away. Tunamaya offers all the creature comforts you can think of. And then some.

Best of all, Tunamaya is located on some of the most prime hectares in Tioman, featuring both a sparkling sea on one side and a dense emerald forest on the other. Selfie anyone?

So go ahead, pamper yourselves with culinary delights and a wellness repertoire that will have you drifting off to paradise and back before you know it.

Tioman activities galore!

But make sure you go for a snorkel too, or even a scuba-dive if you're up to it. After all, Tioman Island, being one of the most blessed tropical paradise islands this side of Maldives, offers endless underwater beauty. Pretty coral gardens, abundant marine wildlife and vistas that defy reality.

Tioman = awesome snorkeling fun
Tioman = awesome snorkeling fun

But if you'd rather stay dry, then head up to the Tioman hills, endowed as they are with untouched verdant jungle. You may get lucky and stumble upon Rafflesia, at 1 meter diameter, it's the world's biggest flower. Rafflesia is elusive, but it so happens that Tioman is home to this awesome flower.

Tioman, never a dull moment.

Go comfy. Go by coach.

To go to Tioman, you need to catch a ferry from Mersing, which is the jumping board of choice for most travelers headed for Tioman.

Pastoral village in Tioman
Pastoral village in Tioman

Catching a ferry is a breeze, but make sure that you book your tickets ahead of your arrival in Mersing, because ferry departure times are subject to the Mersing River tidal ranges. Last thing you want is to arrive at the ferry terminal, only to see the ferry fade in the distance. Play safe, book your ferry tickets online.

By the way, peak season is !

Now, if you've decided to go to Mersing by bus, then you can book your bus tickets below. Simply select your departure location and your destination. Bob's your uncle.

Bon voyage!
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Taxi to Tioman

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